Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Want To Hear All My Families Testimony


Well this week was awesome and super busy!! Loved it!! Way excited for this transfer!! We are now officially over the whole Denton 4th we got the elders area book and all there information which adds up to like nothing.... haha what weasels. So we have a lot of work to do to get it organized but very excited to work in that area, there is so much potential!!:)

What we do on our lunch break.

 This week we found a new investigator. She came to the relief society activity Friday and church on Sunday which was great! She is 70 and a chain smoker haha but she really liked it, she is hard of hearing so it's kinda a challenge but we are praying for guidance for what to do!! I was thinking this week, that is so awesome that we can pray to help us know if the decision we are making is right. That gives me a lot of peace!! We are blessed!

Coming home from Mission Leader Conference
J had her baptismal interview and will be getting baptized on Saturday!! Yay:) the other day she was like "I can't believe that this is my life, how did I ever live before?!" haha she is so cute!! We took her to President Ames fireside in Hurst last night too and she asked some good questions and really loved it and got her super excited for Saturday, she even is handing out invitations!!
Our Ward Mission Leader had this printed up and put in the programs so people know how to get a hold of us, help and pray for us ;)
We had MLC this week and it was awesome. So this is what I am most excited about, starting Thursday, the mission is going to place 10,000 Book of Mormons in 65 days, that equals two a day per companionship. We are also going to read it in that time (8.7 pgs a day) sister vaha'i and I are going to read it aloud together we think it will bring such a great spirit and unity and so much unity in our mission as we do this!! By the way Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon in 65 days:) I love that book!! I'm in 3 Nephi right now but I guess I'll just be reading it in two different places, but that's ok:) The amazing thing is that as we are driving home from our meeting a ward member called us, she was speaking on Sunday and she was speaking about the BofM and wanted to invite the members to write their testimony in a BofM and give it to a friend!! Then we had like 5 minutes before our dinner and we had all this excitement about the BofM so we were like let's go place this Book of Mormon so we knock on this door and the lady who opens daughter is a member of the church and has been a few  times and we asked if she'd read the BofM and she said no, no ones ever given me one, so we definitely did and we will follow up with her this week!! How cool!! These kind of challenges get me so pumped!!!
Like my outfit?
Sister V being weird while I work hard!
Anywho, we were talking about all this and one elder said that his whole family sent him their testimonies of the Book of Mormon and it really inspired him to share it with more people and I was like that's awesome I want to hear all my families testimony of how they know the BofM is true!! So will you do that for me?? Thanks I will follow up next week:)
We are excited for this week!! I pray for y'all every night and appreciate all of your prayers for me!! Love you!!
Sister Wells

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