Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, February 16, 2015

I Knew It, I Could Feel the Spirit

First off, I'm just very glad a member confirmed to me once again that provo beach resort has blue bell ice cream, I will attend there often:) haha It's good to hear from y'all thanks for some of your testimonies of the Book of Mormon I can't wait to read the rest of y'alls!! I love hearing others testimonies it inspires me and really strengthens my own and brings the spirit.
It was 75 degrees (2/14) -- now (2/16) it's 28 degrees!
So this week we had two exchanges with some sisters, and they are both Spanish sisters so lets just say I am a pro at espanol now... just kidding, I totally wish!! I really do, but its ok I'm getting better. I kind of understood what was going on in the lessons haha and I learned 2 hymns in tongan which I'm pretty excited about!! The really cool thing was that in the lessons even though I didn't really know what the Hermanas said I could feel the spirit as they testified, after the lesson I'd ask were you bearing your testimony at this point and they were like yeah and I said I knew it I could feel it. That was just so amazing to me!! 

She looooves them!
We had our zone council this week, I had to give a training but I loved preparing for it, it was just kind of about using time wisely and asking "What is my missionary purpose in this activity?" I am way better at managing my time than I used to be before the mish haha and I'm so glad!! We can get so much accomplished in just one day:) So the Book of Mormon challenge is going awesome we have been able to place lots of copies and also invite our members to join us as well!! That has been my favorite part of the week. Every morning after I read, I pray to know what I should write in my testimony on the front page and then pray throughout the day to be led to who I can give it to. He helps us everytime with out fail. When I was in Lewisville for xc Hermana M and I were walking to an apartment and we stopped to talk to 2 ladies and ended up the one was going to get baptized like she had her interview and everything, but then her mom wouldn't let her, she was 15yrs old. But she is now 20 and said she would have the missionaries over:) and her friend said she wanted a book as well!!! I was so excited I wish I could go see them again but I'll just have to follow up and hear how it goes:)

We like this one cuz it's blurry :)
Happy Valentine's from Texas

Also, Saturday morning when we were exchanging back, craziness happened my GPS stopped working........ and we were supposed to be in Denton at 12 for a meeting with our ward mission leader and then j's baptism was at 1:00.  We were in Lewisville and it was 12:00........ ahhh so we were praying a lot of course and Sis Vaha'i got us on some road and then we called the hermanas and they tried to help us and then we were on the freeway and I didn't recognize any of the signs and I was like are we going the opposite direction?! I thought we were going out of our mission haha since it's right on the boundaries but then all of sudden the GPS turned on and we got to the church 15min before the baptism. Talk about stress haha but Heavenly Father answered our prayers and led us:) The baptism was wonderful. Her dad was able to baptize her and it was a great day:) And yesterday she was confirmed:) It's kind of weird, but they all bought baptismal suits because we didn't have any that would fit them but it was so cute because we asked why did you all get one and Sister H said, "because we want them for when we go and do baptisms at the temple," their sights really are set on the right place:) they can't wait to go there later and be sealed as well:)

J's Baptism!
Our ward just started a 40 day fast for missionary work and its awesome! This area is really picking up and it is sooooo cool to see!! I love it!! I know the Lord of the vineyard is laboring with us!!
Have the best week ever!!
Hurrah for Israel!!
Sista Wells

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