Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Don't Be A Robot :)

I'm glad Vegas was fun and that dad and Zach were able to get along by themselves! I am also so excited to hear where Sadie will be called!! Maybe Texas?!! haha
At Zone Conference
Every week just seems to zoom by and I can't remember everything! Good thing I have a journal! We had zone conference this week and we talked a lot about working with the members, and how we can use them more effectively and help them to share the gospel with their friends. Sister V and I have been working on that a lot and still have lots to improve, but we have seen a change in the ward which is really cool! Three members had us over for dinner and one even had us over to do nails haha but brought their friend so that we could meet them. One of them is really awesome and prepared for the gospel and we should see her again! The others may not be ready right now, but I know that it was a really good experience for the members and their friend! It's cool to see that change and see that the members really do trust us with their friends!

Outside my barn
Inside my barn
We continue going on exchanges every week and I'm actually on one right now with the hermanas. I'm so excited to sit in the Spanish lessons. I wish I could speak it! I'm learning a little! And I'm learning a hymn in Tongan and know some Samoan so that's pretty cool I guess ha:)
We also were able to see S this week! Finally! He is recovering from all his cat drama #prayforkiki and we talked about building our foundations on Christ Hel 5:12 so when the winds come that we can stay strong, and its doing the simple things pray, read, and go to church! He really loved it and was taking notes on everything ha  A member took him and his cat to the vet! His sight is still set on baptism but its just going to take some time!
Another cool thing that happened on Saturday was we did service raking leaves for some members neighbor and then she invited us in for breakfast and we talked about fam history and she was wayyy interested and said she would come to the family history center! Then later that day we went to visit a referral and she loves family history and wants to come to the center with us and have a tour of the church! How wonderful! I know that she'll feel the spirit so strong! Things are going good, its different than in Cove, we are trying to find really hard haha!! 

Sister V and I have so much fun together we laugh a lot and one of the zone leaders asked me today if my face was glued into a smile because he said I am always smiling "on the real" whatever that means haha! But I'm glad! I remember what Brady said a few years ago when he got home from his mission and he was like don't be a robot! I know what that means now, I've seen robot missionaries and it doesn't look like fun! I try to help them see we have fun while we work hard we should enjoy ourselves because our message is quite enjoyable! I know I've said that before but that's what this area needs to hear haha!!
Well I think that's everything! I love y'all lots, thanks for all the emails and prayers I really appreciate them:)
60 degree weather in January!
Sista Wells

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