Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Do You Have A Mission Plan?

Howdy howdy!!
I always love hearing from y'all and seeing your pictures you all look great!! I was honored to have Zach congratulate me on not being "tubby" haha :)

Zone Conference
Wednesday: We served at Our Daily Bread in the morning which is always fun, I got to serve everyone desserts! Some are so grateful others are so not! And this crazy guy asked me, "has anyone ever told you you look like a farmer girl?" weird. We also were able to do family history for a little bit, I'm so bad at it, but the ladies in the center are pro's and they help me! Are there classes to take on how to do family history? I def have to take them when I'm home. We had dinner with this great missionary family! We are talking with all the members to make a family mission plan for this year of 2015 and theirs is awesome! And has specific assignments for each child! Do you guys have one for this year? You should!!:)
Serving at Our Daily Bread
Thursday: Every Thursday is planning day, it takes 2-3hrs and we do it right after our studies to plan for the coming week! Then I went to Justin because we had another exchange with the sisters there! It was fun and as always I learned a lot!

Friday: Still in Justin we went to the care center to paint old people nails... haha it was fun. I guess they do that every week but the cool thing is we got to talk to the workers there about what we do:) Then we exchanged back and had some lessons and went with some members to see some of the less actives!

Exchange with Hermana J - Love her!
Saturday: Our ward mission leader had us all over for breakfast! The M's are amazing! All of them!! We are so blessed to live in their barn:) our ward mission leader has great ideas and it really is getting our ward excited to do missionary work as well!! We also saw C a less active who is now active! I can't remember if I told you, but she got a calling and is getting her patriarchal blessing on Sunday!! Wow it's the most exciting feeling ever!!:) Then we had dinner with more M's:) and went on exchanges with them that night! We saw the H's, J is getting baptized on the 14th:) they are Awesome and loving everything about the gospel!! And we saw Q and the kids, they haven't moved yet and they are so shaky on when they are so we will just keep teaching them!!!!!!

Just being McKenzie :)
 Sunday: We went to ward council which was good, now that I go to them I always wonder what the ward councils are like in yalls ward? With dad in it and everything! Everything is basically about missionary work in the auxiliaries and as a whole! It's awesome! Because this ward had 4 baptisms last year and their goal is 22 for 2015 haha a big difference, lots of work, but we are all putting in the work to achieve it! We need it!! Q came to church and in the evening the G's (my faves) had Q's fam over for FHE it was so wonderful! So sweet of the Gs and she made Texas sheet cake it tasted just like yours mom! So yum!!!

S. Giblette
That is the play by play of the week kinda but we did lots of other lessons and finding inbetweeen, always busy:)!! I am continuing to read the Book of Mormon and I never want to put it down haha I just wanna keep on reading and finish it all the way through! I'm in Alma 52 right now!:) It's so amazing how everytime I read I get more meaning out of different verses!! It's so amazing!!!
Ofa atu
Hurrah for Israel!!!!!
Sister Wells

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