Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We Aren't Getting Taken Out of Our Area!

Hey y'all!! Sounds like you had a good fun week!! I can't believe Angela's already going home!! That's super exciting!! This week was super awesome here in Denton!!
Monday: P-day was fabulous I even went thrift shopping for the first time, I guess that's the thing to do here in Denton, its so hipster haha.  The other sisters here love it!! Then we went on exchange I got to be with my mtc companion Sister C it was a partay, I love her so much! And I love going on exchanges with the sisters because I learn a lot everytime.

Showing off her mad gymnastic skills!
Tuesday: I was with Sister C doing YSA stuff which was great until the evening and our whole district went caroling, trying to visit all the referrals the members gave us, which is like 70!! That's way good though, but takes lots of time so we have done that quite a bit this week!!
Wednesday: We did service at Our Daily Bread! But on the way there in the car I felt something weird on my head, I thought it was just my hair but then no --  a HUGE spider fell on my lap!! How did it get there? I don't know but I screamed it had the longest legs ew I was in shock for awhile haha. Sister S had her final interview with president so her and Sister J went to that and with the driving and all it took like 3 hours so I had H G as my companion (she's the one that just got home from Boston) The Gs are so awesome, they had us for dinner that night too!! Then we caroled!
Thursday: Planning day. Then this is where it gets good. I can't remember all that I told you about S our investigator, but while I was on exchange the sisters taught him the Restoration and he said, "I don't care how Joseph Smith got his answer, I just know it's true!" When I called him the night before to confirm for our lesson the next day he was talking about church and said when he walked in his heart tightened and he felt the spirit so strong and that he wanted to cry but he didn't want everyone to think he was weird.... amazing right?! So we had another lesson and I got to be there:) And we taught the plan of salvation, he was taking notes the whole time and just soaked it all in! He's started reading from the Book of Mormon and loves it! He is so amazing ah it kills me I love him! And he was found through a member!! It's just the best when it's through a member! By the way I was thinking the other day how that one year we studied Preach my Gospel as a family, that was so awesome!! I should've taken more advantage of that!! Y'all should do that again!!!! Seriously!!

Friday: Went on exchange with the Decatur sisters!! and caroled there! oh oh but I did find out that we aren't getting taken out of our area, and I know who my new companion will be, she is from Tonga!! She came out one transfer after me! We will no longer be in a trio. I'm so excited we are just gonna rock it! I love the Polynesians and they just love me:) She'll be here on Wednesday!!

Saturday: Saw some recent converts and caroled that night. haha nothing very exciting!

Sunday: Yay!!! J 10, B 8, C(their grandma), S and J all came to church!! It was so exciting!!! And our meeting and lessons were just amazing it was so great!!! There are miracles happening here!! And we went to the Denton Stake Christmas concert and is was so awesome they are very musically talented:) It was a nice day:)

I've learned a lot here with my Sister S and Jand I will miss them lots, but I'm excited to learn more and more!! And I'm super excited to stay in this area, I love it here!!

Oh and cool thing I learned this morning as I was studying about charity, in 1 Peter 4:8 its says "And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins." Charity preventeth a multitude of sins! I never thought of that before that is so awesome!!!!

Anywho I just love yall so much!!! Have the best week ever!!!
Sister Wells

Old photo with Sister T.  Blue Bell ice cream is made in Texas and is supposed to be super yummy!

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