Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I Love Sharing It With Others

Hey hey!!
First off, I'm glad to hear that dad is doing better!! And also I'm just super duper excited that Sadie is going on a mission!! Tell her yay yay yay its the best thing in the world!!!!!! Thanks for all the emails I sure do love reading them!! And I can't wait to get my package:)
So I wrote y'all just a few days ago it seems and since then I have had a lot of meetings, goodness being a stl requires a lot of that, its very different but I'm learning a lot of different things which is really good. I have realized that as a leader I have to be listening to the spirit to help those that I am over just as I do with the investigators that we teach. So on Friday we had mlc which was super amazing I learned soooo much! And of course I just love seeing President and Sister Ames! Sometimes I don't think about it but I feel the spirit so much every single day, I love it, that really is how we learn. As I kept a prayer in my heart throughout the meeting so many things came to mind to change and to help the sisters we work with. I also was able to see some old Killeen buddies so that was awesome. We had our ward Christmas party that night as well and Quita and her two kids were able to come and also Jessie! That's all of our investigators it was so exciting! It was journey to Bethlehem and it was really nice, each room was decorated and had the sheperds, 3 kings, angels, king herod, mary and joseph etc. and they would tell their side of the story and then we would sing a Christmas hymn! We also had members who brought their friends and tons of less actives, I feel like we need to have these kind of activities all the time to invite less actives and non members its the best opportunity and turned out very well!!
Bad news is, my sick companions are not sick anymore, but I am. Haha I'm ok though its also my allergies because the crazy weather just makes everything crazy! So I don't remember if I told y'all about the Hs, they are a part member family. They came to church 2 weeks ago because the parents  called bishop and asked about church time and place stuff and they all came! We have been trying to get a hold of them to teach their daughter and son and sister in-law and were able to get J to the party and then they all came to church again yesterday!!! They really want to be involved in the church again and their daughter J who is 30 wants to be a member! We had her over at the relief society presidents house for the Christmas devotional yesterday and taught lesson 1, she loved it, she understood it and has a baptismal date for next month! She said she feels peace and love at church and with all the members, she said it feels like home, it feels like family. It just showed to me again how God has people prepared to receive the gospel and so He says here ya go sisters you need to teach this family, you're welcome! We don't do a thing, its all through the spirit. It just is super great to be a part of the whole thing!!
Rumors are that our area might get closed! we will find out soon, 10 sisters are going home this transfer and only 2 are coming out! So we have to shut down some sisters areas! I'm just dying to know but I'll let y'all know next week!!
Yesterday we had a great testimony meeting, in my last ward and branch I had to get up every time because not enough people would, but there was hardly anytime for me to yesterday and it was powerful!! I bore my testimony about the restoration of the gospel, I know that this is Christs church restored in its fullness upon the earth, I know that it is logically because it just makes complete sense, but I know because the spirit has testified of this truth many times, Joseph Smith is a prophet and Thomas S. Monson is a prophet today, I am so blessed to have this knowledge. I know God lives and I know He loves each one of us, I am so grateful to my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ and I know that it is only through him that we can live with our Heavenly Father again and make it through this life. I am so thankful for this knowledge and I want you all to know that I do love this gospel and I love sharing it with others, just as each of these children of God gain a testimony, my testimony continues to grow every single day.
I love you all so much
Sister Wells

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