Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And I Was A Lucky One!

Ok so news on Fd haha he has not been baptized so he will hopefully very soon. So weird, the mission office had to call Salt Lake to figure it out... missionary work, love it. We did find a couple new investigators this week which was awesome I think that they have some real potential too so that was pretty exciting and I don't remember if I told you about Ma who is 10 her dad was baptized in June and now she wants to be baptized so we are working with her father to get the priesthood so he can baptize her which would be really neat! So hopefully that will be sometime next month!! We always have tons of less actives to work with and lots of recent converts so we are always busy with that! We have heard that we will be getting ipads by the end of the year... who knows, they said that last year too apparently haha, it would be so sweet though!!!! I love all the mormon messages I wish we could share them with people at our lessons!!

Yes Sister T wears my clothes all the time hahah it's not that she doesn't have very much she just likes mine better and says hers aren't cute hahah she is such diva. We went shopping a couple weeks ago because she said she needed to, haha she bought sunglasses, a purse a skirt etc.. she kills me! I will send a card home, I just need to get a thingy to send it in, but I'll do that!! And hahaha yes I know Elder Lilo haha I met him like twice that is soooooooo funny! He told me I had a nice smile:) great missionary!! and no our mission doesn't use facebook. Hopefully that answered all your questions mama!!

Sounds like fall break was fun! And sounds like Syddos birthday was super fun! All the pictures were so awesome, I like the boating trip tradition, thats so fun! btw. you are spoiling Syd so much. ok. love ya.

So basically the best part of this week was that we had a conference in Fort Worth with Elder Cardon of the Seventy. We were up at like 5am and home at 9pm so it was a long day, but yay I saw Sister T!!! There were lots of missionaries but I'm like I only know people from the south haha but it was fun to meet everyone!! We talked about listening to and recognizing the spirit. I learned lots, of course it was great. But \what was really neat President Ames chose a few missionaries to have an interview with Elder Cardon and I was a lucky one! He asked about my family and things that I've learned on my mission and from our meeting and let me ask some questions and it was just so cool I just felt the spirit in the room I know that he is called of God just like I know that the apostles and prophet are as well, I just have a feeling of joy inside me when I hear them speak at conference and in my interview, he gave me an assignment, he said that on pday I needed to write home and tell my parents that they raised a valiant daughter of God that is doing a marvelous work. So there ya have it, he was so nice and I really am so glad that I got to grow up in the best home with the best family ever!!

Oh and keep Sister Nielson in your prayers she just found out she has melanoma, she's like my second mommy. She will be getting more tests done tomorrow.
Ok sorry to end this on a sad note, but I love you really so much!!!!

Sister Wells

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