Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Prayer is so Powerful!

Hi!!! Sounds like the #bfr was a blast!!! I wish I could have seen the lip syncing haha! World Cup sounds awesome but what happened to Spain?????????? like whaaaaaaa?? Izzie gave me some details on the recent games so that's good :) I can't believe Brayden is getting married, tell him congrats for me!!

Also thanks Dad for sending those excerpts from your mission, those were really cool and I am like the same, I feel like I need to be doing something every minute!! But that is really cool that the missionaries in that ward want a baptism every week, that's like amazing! And members are very important, I have been learning a lot about this in my 12 week training thing. So how is all of your guys missionary work going?? I think the talk Follow Up by Elder Ballard is really good. Read it! and do it!!

This week has been super busy, but really awesome! Just a quick story that is amaaaazing was that at District Meeting this week for accountability Sister Tuck and I talked about Iz who has a baptismal date, but her less-active mom never will bring her to church like I told you about last week, so we told our district and asked if they could pray to soften her moms heart, because this is what Iz wants.  The next day we went to meet with her and her mom and her mom had a complete change! She said that after Girls Camp Iz will be at church every Sunday up to her baptism whether she is wearing the same outfit or not! What a change, she was getting so excited and was asking lots of questions about the baptism so that it would all run smoothly and that she wants to make a cake for it and wants Sis Tuck and I to be her baptism bridesmaids haha so cute. Prayer is so powerful, wow all the prayers from our district really did help to soften her heart so now Izzie can progress and get baptized. That was such an amazing experience.

On Friday we had interviews with President!!! He is sooo cool!  I just was able to ask him some questions, and he gave me some advice and it was just amazing. He then spoke at Stake Conference which we had this weekend and so did Sister Ames! And also the temple president! and the Stake President!! so good! None of our investigators came, but K a less active came and slept. haha  That is one thing we are trying to work on, to get more investigators and less actives to church because it is such an amazing place!!

Also D's baptism was so great! His baptizer didn't show up...... so that was really weird still haven't gotten a hold of him.. so we started late, and our ward mission leader performed the baptism, but the spirit was so strong, and after D bore his testimony, he has such a strong testimony he had everyone about in tears, I know that these are the reasons why I am here on my mission.

We had dinner at Sister Newman’s tonight do you by chance know a Rebecca Newman or the Engles from Kanab??? She lived there!!! Oh my I was dying I just talked to her about and she knows grandma and grandpa and apparently they used to sell her poems at the book store she was the Kane County Deputy Sheriff!!! Isn't that so crazy cool??!!!! But after dinner we were giving her a hug and then Sis Tuck reaches for the closet door, hahaha she thought it was the door outside I died and then she was like whoops and started walking further into the house instead of the door, haha she always does stuff like that haha she's a blond, I love it!!

We drive alotttt from Killeen and back and all over so we love my two cds! If ya have any other good ones let me know ya know?! Also Sis T has never had cookie butter, so whenever you go to Trader Joes sometime will you get me some??  I love you lots thanks. Well you guys are fab!! Love you lots!!!

Sister Wells
D, baptized June 20!!

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