Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, June 2, 2014

First Letter From Texas!

Thank you so so so much for all the emails!!  Anywho, I'm here!!! It was so fun to talk to ya on the phone at the airport! When we got here we just had some meetings and ate food and stuff, then we stayed at the Hicksons for the night, they are the nicest ever and no mom I didn't ask to look at the pictures, but I wanted to! I hope I looked ok hahaha. But the next morning we had a meeting and then got our companions! Sister T is so cool, she's so sweet and is helping me! She's from Tremonton, Utah and is 20.  She's been out almost a year, we have lots of things in common actually so I think we are going to get along great!

Yeah so we are in the furthest place away from the mission home.  It took like 3 to 3 and a half hours to drive here to Killeen! Apparently Killeen is known as the black hole, no one likes it haha but Copperas Cove is pretty good I guess. I like it just fine! Lots of military people here because of Fort Hood!

So we are over the YSA branch and also Copperas Cove 2nd ward! It makes it kinda interesting trying to get to meet all the members of each ward and we are trying to visit all the less actives which there are apparently hundreds of them here!

So every Monday we will go to YSA FHE and institute on Wednesdays, and then we go to both meetings on Sundays, 6 hrs!!!!! ahhhh it was really good though, and it was a great fast sunday, they of course asked me to bear my testimony in both, so that was good too!

The members feed you a lot here like almost every night which is nice, except the first night seriously there was like 7 different things to eat and then for dessert the lady gave me two brownies with so much ice cream, I was about to explode..... the Blue Bell ice cream is yummy though!! Also a guy took us to Red Lobster so I got my coconut shrimp!!:) I've never eaten out so much in such a short time.  I guess the members do that often. 

So there's so much to say I dunno but it has been great teaching with Sister T and it's really cool when you can tell that they feel the spirit!  D has a baptismal date for the 20th so that will be cool to go to! Lots of the work here is to be with members and lots of less active work so cool!  Also we met this guy B who was kinda interested in our church and he asked if we have supernatural people in our church, because he see's spirits and stuff.... it was so weird and he kept telling us all these visions he's seen! ahhhh haha 

So we went to pull weeds for this lady, it was sooooo hot, anyway after, her and her husband fed us lunch, and everything her husband would say was like weird hahaha  and he was talking about all his medical problems and then shared just a little too much with us. . .  I had to try soooo hard to not laugh!!!

Also our district leader went to Timpanogos! We know lots of the same people, but I never knew him before! Dad! Your letter, hahahahaha, so funny good work! And I can't believe that all our cars are breaking down again I'm sorry :( and Syd I love that mom is having troubles with her phone hahaha I miss teasing her:) Congrats on tryouts!!

Zach which team are you playing for?? Have you started working?? When's girls camp?? And Kels that is so cool about your friends, seriously!!!!! and about the guy bearing his testimony hahaha!

I love you all so so much! Thanks to those of you who email and write me I love it like for reals and I loved all the packages I got in the mtc, I almost got one everyday! haha but haven't gotten one here yet... waiting.. hahah just kidding, thanks so much I love you all!!!

Sister Wells

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