Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Love Y'all So Much!

Howdy!!!!!! So this week was fab of course and it went by so fast! I can't believe it's already pday again?!! Anywho, Sister T and I have been trying to ride our bikes as often as we can which is super fun! And we meet sooo many people when we do it, because of everyone just walking or sitting outside their houses. One thing I have noticed is nobody uses their garage for cars haha its like another room they have couches and they chill in there haha. 

This week I had my first Zone Training, it was really awesome and we talked about the importance of planning, that's good for me, because Thursdays are planning days and to me they are sooooo long and kinda boring, butttt I know that if we plan well then miracles can happen. One day our appointment fell through and we had about an hour so we decided to try and contact people and we made a goal to teach two short lessons. Lots of people just shut their doors on us, but we actually were able to teach two lessons about the restoration on their doorstep! When we make goals, Heavenly Father will help us accomplish them! But that really goes for everything and everyone!

Also this week I invited Iz who is 12 to be baptized and we have a baptismal date for July 19!! We just need to make sure she comes to church, her mom is a member but won't come to church and bring her, their excuse is she doesn't have skirts..... we gotta work on that, but I know that she can be ready by then! We have visited lots of less actives and got three to come to church this sunday, it was awesome!!! And it's so weird I've met like over 5 people from South Africa, like why would they come to Killeen Texas? It's known as the black hole ahhaha. 

I have been reading from the Book of Mormon lots and it is so cool how we really can receive revelation from the words, in 1 Nephi 17 Nephi is commanded to build the ship and he tells his brothers, if the Lord has commanded me then I can do it because God can do all things. That was so helpful to me, because sometimes I feel like I don't know anything, how can I teach and help these people? But God has called me here, so he will help me teach the people of Texas! For reals though, I was thinking about it, like why would a 30 year old or 40 yr or however old listen to a teenager girl and get help from her?????? No one really would, but since I have this badge and am called by God to do this, they really do listen!! Crazy cool. 

D is scheduled to be baptized on Friday, oh my I'm so excited for him I almost started crying when we were meeting with him, Heavenly Father is like 1000000x more excited and happy for him than I am, I can't wait he is soooo solid!!

Dad! I hope your fathers day was good, and the firepit looks amaaaaazing!!!!! and Zach how is work, getting a nice tan? I heard about Spain losing like whhaaaaa?!!! I got a guy in YSA who said he will give me all the deets on the games :):):):) and sounds like you went on a crazy hike zachy poooo!! Syd, so glad Girls camp was fun! and Swig really is the bomb. Since you're being a fashion designer, you'll have to dress me when I get home:)
I love y'all so much!!! I actually said y'all this week once without thinking about it! Oh my it was cray! I love you!

Sister Wells
ps don't forget about me kk?
A photo she sent from the MTC.

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