Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

God Loves Us All!

Thanks for all the emails!! I seriously get so so excited I had like 20!!!!! Brandie, glad to know you haven't forgotten about me:) hope the studyin and all the tennis is going well! And Zach’s hobby of doing handstands with his shirt off made me lol in the library hahaha. I love picturing that!!  Also very cool pics doing the repelling that looks like fun! And before I forget, thank you so much for the package!!! So cute and yum, also that little plate is adorable, I love that quote!! Like 10 billion people have asked where I got my Texas necklace from, so where did you get it haha? And another thing, in the YSA ward there is a girl named J from Chuuk!!! We talked about it for awhile and she thinks during the time Brady was there that she was on Palau or Pohnpei, cool though huh?!!! She is moving to Lehi and will be doing translation and stuff for General Conference! She's awesome. 

Ok anywho it has been sooooooo hot, but everyone just says it will get hotter, but these last two days in the morning it poured, like soooo much rain and loud thunder, but by the end of the day it was hot again haha. Since we have two wards, well branch and a ward, we have a lot of area to cover and to get to most YSA we have to drive 20min so we bike only sometimes! 

Well last week was fast sunday and I'm pretty sure that was the first time I actually didn't eat for a full 24 hrs but I will never do it how I did before. I really did get help and answers for the things that I fasted for, it was really cool! When I meet all these different people I realize how lucky I am, like I have the gospel and my family is pretty much the best, it really is though. I feel like I already knew that before, but I realize it even more now!! Thanks!! 

Again I have met more weird people, this lady that is a recent convert/less active (so sad) didn't stop talking about our country and how we are all gonna get chips in our hands so they can track us and that Obama is the anti-christ she's crazy! But on the flip side haha I can't remember if I told you that D has a baptismal date for the 20th so hopefully he is living the WOW so he can be baptized!! Also at district meeting we talked about not labeling people, because underneath we are all Gods children, that was good for me, because I feel like I get scared to go talk to scary random people, so that's what I'm working on!! We've met lots of new people and get appointments with them, but then they always bail!!! Like we call the night before and say are we good for tomorrow and they say yeah, then they aren't there! It's so sad, but we just keep trying! But what was really cool, is that Dr from YSA gave us this guy he works with that wants to read the Book of Mormon because he just wants to see what it's about, so we called him and said we could give him one and share a message about how it came to be haha so sneaky, and he said we could but he's not trying to convert! He brought another of his friends too and we taught them the Restoration, and they felt like it could be possible and they are going to read some and we will meet with them again this week, I'm excited!! 

Ok so now I just have two funny stories. So at district meeting the elders in our ward were talking to Sister T and I and they were saying every time they take this one member with them to lessons he bears his testimony on tithing, every time no matter what! And yesterday during sunday school we were talking about Joseph Smith and the Restoration, and he raised his hand and bore his testimony on tithing I tried soooo hard not laugh I was dying!!!

Ok and then earlier this week, we were on our bikes sweating, and this guy we talked to said, you should go talk to my friend in the house at the end of this street, so we go to this scary run down house and knock and this guy opens the door he has no shirt on, short shorts, a tooth missing with a cigarette, tattoos all over and his hair all snarly about to his shoulders... I was so scared haha but he said he wouldn't run us off so we talked to him in his front yard, yeah he didn't hardly let us speak, he had the weirdest beliefs!! He told us the bible was a badddd book and that all blacks and muslims will go to hell and all this other weird stuff and he said that basically in the next six months everything is going to start being destroyed so he's moving to the wilderness. So we squeezed our testimonies in, gave him a pass along card, and asked if there was anything we could do for him and he asked, "well do either of you wanna go out to the wilderness with me?" ahhhh we said we were here on missions to teach the gospel, and he said we could do that in the wilderness hahahah. It's kinda like Lehi going out to the wilderness before Jerusalem was destroyed hahah  what a guy, but Sister tuck and I just hope we planted a little seed, because Heavenly Father loves him just as much as me even though he swore every other word!

I really am so grateful for the experiences that I have been having, I have learned so much these last few weeks, I think I was dumb before I came on the mish hahah but I have so much more to learn and I'm super excited!!!

Love you!!!

Sista Wells

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